Free Live Challenge for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Transform Your Money Mindset

Breakthrough the Barriers to Make BIG Impact with a Business & Life You Love 


Because you deserve to Have it ALL

Starts Tuesday, May 28  

 8:00 AM PDT / 11:00 A EDT / 4:00 PM BST


What would it take for you to quadruple your rates and get fully booked with the number of clients that YOU want, while spending more time with your family and finding the freedom you have been looking for in a matter of months? 

What would you need to let go of to achieve more than double your seemingly "impossible" income & impact goals in less than 2 years, while achieving personal & professional balance that you've been dreaming of for decades? 

What would it be like to give your "whole life an upgrade" as every area reaches new heights ... in just a few weeks? 

These are just a few of the results my clients have gotten by using the same tools that I will be sharing with you. 

This Free Money Mindset Challenge Will Show You How To:

Day #1

 Calibrate Your Personal Compass to Guarantee Your Success... because if your subconscious smells any hint of threat to your core values, you will unknowingly 'sabotage' yourself every step of the way  

Day #2

Reveal the Limiting Money Stories & Identity that (currently) Require You to Play Smaller than You're Called to Be... so you can shine a light on the direct path to set yourself free 

Day #3

 Identify Exactly Why & How You Have Been Holding Yourself Back So You Can OWN Your Power & Create What You REALLY Want

Day #4

Set Yourself Up to Manifest Your Vision Without Retracting Backwards or Falling Into the Top 3 Pitfalls on the Road to Success 

You're out to change the world by making a BIG impact in ways that are fully aligned with who you really are & what you're here to do... and to make that impact with:

FREEDOM & Flexibility

 Abundant Quality Time with Family 

Travelling & Doing What You Love 

Honoring What Matters Most 

And that requires money, honey... because mortgage lenders & travel agents don't accept 'fulfillment' as payment, and neither should you.

You have incredible gifts to share & deserve to have it ALL with a thriving business & life you love that allows you live to the fullest, without saying no to what you want or putting life on hold as you wait for 'someday.'  

So, let's get to the heart of what's stopping you, shatter the barriers that are holding you back, and position you for quantum leaps that create RESULTS, shall we? 

Hi! I'm Spencer Snakard, Mindset Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs who are committed to passion AND profits in a business & LIFE you love.

For many years I undervalued myself with low pay, limited fulfillment, and LOTS of hard work. I was unknowingly sabatoging myself by collecting evidence for my hidden, limiting beliefs about what was possible, and what I deserved.

As I put mindset tools to work - the same tools I'm going to share with you - I experienced quantum leaps... and not just in my income, but in ALL areas of my life. 

I now make more than 10 times what I once did in an industry that is pretty "set" with industry-regulated consulting rates and replaced my last corporate income with a consulting gig working just 6 weeks a year.

If you want to experience the freedom you crave that will allow you to be at ease, spend time with the people you love, make a difference fulfilling your purpose, and do it all on YOUR terms while honoring what matters most, come join us.