You know you have something to share with the world...

You’re in business to make major Impact & Income, with a life you love that has it ALL.  

If only that voice in your head would stop hammering away at you with thoughts like:  

  • Can I really have it all? What if I totally destroy my _____ while chasing after ____?  
  • What if I can’t deliver? Let people down? Get found out for the fraud I am?  
  • Who am I to try to pull this off? What if people think I’m slimy? Salesy?  
  • What if I totally blow it and ruin (or lose) everything?  
  • Maybe I should _____ instead (chasing one shiny object after the next) 

That voice is not the 'real' You. It's your identity talking, and it is driven by fear. 

It's born out of survival intentions designed to “save” you … but it’s a lie

It's rooted in LACK. Scarcity. Not-Enough-ness. 

That voice thinks that YOU are not enough. That you can’t make it on your own. That you need to have more. Do more. BE more. 

It’s why you “know this stuff” from consuming books & courses & content galore (I see you, “Personal Development Junkie”) 

… but you aren’t LIVING it.  

LIVING it requires RISK. Uncertainty. Exposing your Self.  

Which is exactly why YOU are your own biggest obstacle, holding yourself back when you play it safe & don't take risks or put yourself out there. 

It’s totally understandable. We ALL do it. But…  

You’re never going to make the difference you’re here to make by playing it safe. 

You gotta blow it up. Play BIG. Move forward with courage in the face of fear.  

It’s not about stuff to DO, it’s about a way to LIVE. Like:

  • BEING courageous 
  • Staying focused on what you WANT (instead of going down doom-spirals of what you do not want) 
  • Choosing to do the uncomfortable thing that you know is going to move the needle
  • LETTING GO of the crumbs you’ve been clutching onto out of fear, uncertainty, & scarcity, so that you can be open to receive the greatness of ALL that you are are meant for 

When you put the tools to use by weaving them into your day to day life, you can cut the struggle & create results.

That's Why I Created the Abundance Mindset Society

The Abundance Mindset Society will support you in putting what you 'know' into practice so that LIVING Courageously with an Abundant, Empowered mindset becomes a natural part of who you are & how you roll.

  • When your ego / identity is pretending to protect you (but is really being your #1 sabatour), you can see exactly what's up & courageously move forward through the fear.
  • When you set out to do some great new thing related to making the mark you're here to make, you can BE who you really are and can powerfuly & confidently take inspired actions to fulfil your purpose & do what you're here to do
  • When you take those inspired actions, you WILL create results (clients, income & impact with a balanced LIFE you LOVE) that allow you to have everything you want, and more
1 payment of $497

Proof that this stuff works when you work it...

With over 20+ years of mindset work, putting the tools to use by showing up, being courageously vulnerable, and taking risks to leap into uncertainty despite the fear, I have created HUGE transformations in my life: 

  • Left an unfulfilling 18-year corporate career to pursue my passion in a business I love with FREEDOM to: spend time with family, travel the globe, give generously, and put my top priorities first
  • Replaced my last salary with just 6 weeks of consulting work a year by creating possibilities that went way beyond obvious solutions, and owned my value way beyond prior pay, which allowed me to quit my job with peace of mind
  • Created the relationship of my dreams with Mr. Wonderful … even after being in a marriage of 14 years that could have destroyed my faith in men 
  • Built a dream home on 10 acres soon after the housing crash despite ALL the evidence and people that said it was “impossible” 
  • Eliminated money stress, going from worrying week to week, to being financially free even when I was a newly single mom, alone in that newly built dream home, paying triple the prior mortgage on one paycheck  
  • Built a yoga business that would increase 2-3 times in enrollment whenever I got grounded in an empowered, abundant mindset 

How Does it Work?

 Imagine being on a row-boat with a HUGE anchor keeping the boat in place ...

You could row that boat as HARD as you can ... and never get anywhere.

That 'anchor' is your hidden beliefs holding you back.  

Beliefs like “I’m not enough … what if I fail? … what will people think of me?...”  

On the surface (consciously), you’re rowing REALLY hard.

But under the surface (subconsciously), you're adding more & more weight to that anchor, keeping you right where you are. So… 

No matter how much action you take or how many business strategies you implement by 'rowing' really hard ... you can’t get where you want.

But if you simply cut ties from that anchor holding you back …  

You could go as FAR and as FAST as you want! 

 When you break FREE from what's holding you back… the SAME Actions take LESS Effort & get Better Results! 

The Abundance Mindset Society

What You Get ...

  • Weekly prompts now through September to focus your awareness each week, so that AS you do what you're doing, you can do it with ease (the resistance or struggle you feel is caused by that 'anchor' of fear & survival intentions slowing you down, making it harder than it needs to be).  
  • Our private Abundance Mindset Society Facebook group to share your struggles & triumphs, to experience deep connection & belonging with fellow entrepreneurs who are also courageously moving through the fear, and to get coaching & support directly from me.  
  • Monthly live coaching call to check-in on what's working, what's not working, what's still holding you back, to get your questions answered, and get support to break through obstacles in your path.
  • Bonus: Instant access to 4+ hours of Money Mindset Challenge training recordings & prompts. While the Abundance Mindset Society is NOT intended to be a content-driven group, you get bonus access to these value-packed materials to use as you choose. Whether you participated in the challenge or not, our weekly prompts will support you in implementing the lessons for boldly & courageously living an abundant life

 Your Investment: 1 payment of $497 

 OR Your Investment: 3 payments of $197 

You started this business for Passion, Purpose, AND Profit ... withOUT the blood, sweat, & tears. Let's make it happen. Sign up today!

Have Any "I want to, but..."? Let's take a look ...

If you're thinking: "I've Invested in Too Many Courses"

I have too many other courses I’ve never finished (or even started) or never got the promised results.  

Yeah. There's a reason for that.

If you tend to:

  • Procrastinate
  • Play it small or 'safe'
  • Get distracted by shiny objects
  • Change directons 17 times a month
  • Sit at your computer being busy all day with nothing to show for it ...

The Abundance Mindset Society will help you get conscious to why you're not taking effective action, and get clear about what you need to shift so you can move forward

This is not a course to “do.” Meaning, this is NOT like a “build your business boot camp” where you build a website, launch a social media channel, or design your signature program.  

This is about you doing what you’re already doing for your business (or what you know you need to be doing), WHILE being consciously aware of HOW you’re doing it so that you can BE the version of you who courageously implements & creates results.  

So, as an example, if your goal for the next 3 months is to launch a new program & you have your launch tasks planned, then that’s what you’ll be doing ... with the support, accountability, and empowered mindset to do it with ease.  

Take it from my client Carla who came to me with a scarcity-based "either / or" mindset that was "protecting" her from taking risks. 

Her business was doing great, but she had cut off opportunities in other areas of her life, afraid to risk losing what she had built professionally. Carla said:

" I feel like my whole life got an upgrade in the last month or so.

When we started working together I was really stuck in a way, and it was impossible to even see any opportunities.  

And now, little by little I’m breaking down all these limiting beliefs, and all of sudden all these opportunities are coming up and I'm just like, "Yes Please!" "

If you're thinking: "I Have NO Time / Energy / Bandwidth for This!"

I’m stretched too thin & exhausted with all the other things I’m doing already!  

Just guessing ... that thought probably isn't new to you, is it? You probably hear that voice in your head say that a LOT.

That is a Scarcity Mindset (the total opposite of an Abundance Mindset) and it is very likely driven by what you think you "should" do or NEED to do to compensate for a belief that YOU are NOT ENOUGH  

Aren't you tired of feeling like there's never enough? Not Enough Time. Not Enough Money. Not Enough YOU.

That's exactly what you can turn around with the Abundance Mindset Society.

To address your time concerns ... Mindset shifts, ah-ha’s, and breakthroughs happen in a moment. This course is designed to give you short, bite-size weekly prompts to stay consciously aware throughout your day AS you are living your life, doing what you're already doing, withOUT doing MORE.

In fact, many students find they are able to GET MORE by DOING LESS ... and have MORE time as a result.  

Just like my client Jenna, who just a month after this testimonial had quadrupled her rates, was fully booked, and did so by working LESS than ever before.

The power of Mindset Mastery comes through awareness of your day-to-day thoughts & feelings, and the way in which you take actions … not necessarily taking MORE actions.

Nervous? Good! That means something BIG is coming...

Nervousness around personal or professional growth usually tells me I’m about to do something BIG. 

I attribute those nerves to a piece of my identity that's been holding me back, keeping me small, pretending to "save" me while it's really just saving itself ... and now it knows its days are numbered.

Your identity is feeling threatened. It's NOT really YOU. It’s just armor.

You need to take off the armor to get to where you want to be.  

That is going to require courage. Every day. Again & again.

You’re going to have to risk. Be bold. Take some uncertain leaps of faith. 

You're going to have to put that stuff you 'know' about living an amazing, empowered, BIG bold abundant life into ACTION.  

The Abundance Mindset Society will help you do that.  

No more hiding or playing small. Your time to make your mark is NOW. 

Sign up today!  

Post any questions about the Abundance Mindset Society in the pinned Q&A thread on my Facebook business page Spencer Snakard linked here.